Home-grown forums. I need to do a whole bunch of work on this, but it is functional now. The advantage of home-grown is I can add whatever new functionality is useful, as and when I please.


Originally the forums were completely open, but over the years (even given the tiny volume) I had one or two people mess them up for the hell of it.

As such, registration is required.

When you register, I'll get an email where I confirm your registration. You can check your registration status on this page (it's an anonymous forum, so I don't want to know your email address, which is why I'm not sending you an email when registration is confirmed.)

When you make a new thread or post a reply, you'll need to provide your username and password (no cookies or JS on this site).

Note the password encryption algorithm allows a maximum password length of 72 bytes - but HTML thinks in term of characters, typically UTF-8. I've set up the form so there's a maximum length of 72 characters, where the input is truncated to 72 bytes and then used as the password. There are no rules/requirements for the passphrase, except is must be at least one character in length.

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Top-left is list of sub-forums, top-right is list of threads in a sub-forum. Bottom-left displays a post, bottom-right is for writing posts.

Rows are hyperlinks - click anywhere on a row (it will illuminate on mouse-over) to activate it.

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