function libshared_memory_add_memory_from_numa_node

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Source Files

└── test_and_benchmark
    └── libshared
        ├── inc
        │   └── libshared
        │       └── libshared_memory.h
        └── src
            └── libshared_memory
                └── libshared_memory_add.c

Opaque Structures

struct libshared_memory_state;


void libshared_memory_add_memory_from_numa_node( struct libshared_memory_state *ms,
                                                 lfds710_pal_uint_t numa_node_id,
                                                 void *memory,
                                                 lfds710_pal_uint_t memory_size_in_bytes );


struct libshared_memory_state *ms

A pointer to an initialized struct libshared_memory_state.

lfds710_pal_uint_t numa_node_id

The NUMA node ID of the memory pointer to by memory.

void *memory

A pointer to a user-allocated block of memory to add to the memory state.

lfds710_pal_uint_t memory_size_in_bytes

The size in bytes of the memory pointed to by memory.


This function is used when adding memory for which the NUMA node is known, e.g.. memory allocated by numa_alloc_on_node.


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