function libbenchmark_misc_pal_helper_new_topology_node

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Source Files

        │   └───libbenchmark
        │           libbenchmark_porting_abstraction_layer.h

Opaque Structures

struct libbenchmark_topology_node_state;
struct libshared_memory_state;


void libbenchmark_misc_pal_helper_add_logical_processor_to_topology_node( struct libbenchmark_topology_node_state *tns,
                                                                          struct libshared_memory_state *ms,
                                                                          lfds710_pal_uint_t logical_processor_number,
                                                                          enum flag windows_processor_group_inuse_flag,
                                                                          lfds710_pal_uint_t windows_processor_group_number );


struct libbenchmark_topology_node_state *tns

A pointer a struct libbenchmark_topology_node obtained from libbenchmark_misc_pal_helper_new_topology_node.

struct libshared_memory_state *ms

A pointer to an initialized and populated struct libshared_memory_state.

lfds710_pal_uint_t logical_processor_number

The logical processor number of the logical processor to add to the topology node pointed to by tns.

enum flag windows_processor_group_inuse_flag

An enum flag which indicates whether or not the windows_processor_group_number argument contains a valid value (for that field is only meaningful on Windows 7 and greater).

lfds710_pal_uint_t windows_processor_group_number

The Windows processor group number of the logical processor to add to the topology node pointed to by tns. This value is only meaningful on Windows 7 and greater. It will only be used if the windows_processor_group_inuse_flag is set to RAISED, and so if not used, can be set to any value. Zero is as good a choice as any other.

Return Value

No return value.



This helper function is used by libbenchmark_pal_populate_topology to add a logical processor to a topology node.

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